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Ram Vasudev

Los Angeles, California


Welcome! I hope you find peace, harmony and tranquility here, and feel rejuvenated by my perspective of our world. Just grab a cup of tea, pull a comfy chair and enjoy the photos! The pictures are arranged in galleries, making it easy to navigate your way. Please view the images on a large monitor for maximum impact. To enlarge a picture, press Control and + on a Windows PC (Command and + on Mac). To reset, press Control and 0 (zero) on a Windows PC (Command and 0 on Mac).

My photographic interests include wildflowers, garden scenes, landscapes, nature, wildlife, wildlife habitats, travel/culture, street scenes, spiritual/religious scenes, abstracts, architecture, science and technology. I am also interested in graphics/digital art. My work has been featured in nature books, calendars, wildlife display panels, hospital corridors and people's homes.

The images displayed here are available through this website as large fine art prints, posters, canvas, metal, wood, acrylic prints and greetings cards. iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile phone covers, tote bags, and home decor items (throw pillows, duvets) with my images are also available. Your purchase comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, simply return it for a refund. The images are also available for rights-managed licensing and editorial/publishing purposes through THIS LINK. If you have any questions or feedback on my work, please feel free to contact me by clicking on the Contact button above or at this EMAIL ADDRESS.

My wife Lisa and I are outdoor enthusiasts living in Southern California. We enjoy being outdoors in nature - there is not much else we'd rather be doing in our spare time. We love being surrounded by spring wildflowers in central California and the California desert, by colorful aspens in autumn in the Sierra-Nevada high country, and by oak trees just barely visible through early morning fog in central California. We enjoy the California coast, exploring mountains near our home such as the San Gabriel and the Santa Monica Mountains, and listening to and watching birds at dawn as they scurry around for food in our backyard. We also enjoy exploring local urban wildlife habitats and botanical gardens. Many of my photos were captured with the able assistance of my wife, who is my near-constant companion, photo assistant and photo scout. This is very much a work in progress, so please check back often.

The images here are certainly not in the public domain and are copyrighted (all rights reserved). Any unauthorized use in any form is prohibited.


Lush Los Angeles River by Ram Vasudev


Catch of the Day Black and White Monochrome by Ram Vasudev


Sierra Autumn by Ram Vasudev


Rushing Stream and Creek Bank - Eastern Sierra by Ram Vasudev


Autumn in Grand Teton National Park by Ram Vasudev


Let it snow by Ram Vasudev


Giant Sequoia Tree Closeup Abstract - Sequoia National Park California by Ram Vasudev


Fiery Sunset and Lenticular Cirrus Clouds - Newport Beach Backbay California by Ram Vasudev


Beauty in Chaos by Ram Vasudev


Giant Bloom of Agave attenuata by Ram Vasudev


Hedgehog Cactus Echinopsis by Ram Vasudev


Palm Frond - Bismarckia Palm Madagascar by Ram Vasudev


Lupine by Ram Vasudev


Pink Magnolia Blossom by Ram Vasudev


Hugging Daffodils by Ram Vasudev


Bird of Paradise by Ram Vasudev


Yellow Rose by Ram Vasudev


Yucca Abstract by Ram Vasudev


Changing Season by Ram Vasudev


Forest Floor by Ram Vasudev


Colorful Leafy Ground Cover by Ram Vasudev


Showing Off by Ram Vasudev


A Touch of Blue - Mallard Santa Monica Mountains California by Ram Vasudev


Wood Duck by Ram Vasudev


Mating Wood Ducks by Ram Vasudev


Iridescent Mallard by Ram Vasudev


Red-breasted Merganser Huntington Beach California by Ram Vasudev


Green Winged Teal Couple Newport Beach California by Ram Vasudev


Eared Grebe With Fish by Ram Vasudev


Surf Scoter - Huntington Beach California by Ram Vasudev


Marbled Godwit by Ram Vasudev


Catch of the Day - Caspian Tern Huntington Beach California by Ram Vasudev


Long-billed Curlew Huntington Beach California by Ram Vasudev


California Quail by Ram Vasudev


Graceful Ring-billed Gull by Ram Vasudev


Vermilion Flycatcher by Ram Vasudev


American Wigeon by Ram Vasudev


Heermann's Gull La Jolla California by Ram Vasudev


American Avocet by Ram Vasudev


Lesser Scaup by Ram Vasudev


Endangered California Condor by Ram Vasudev


Ruddy Duck by Ram Vasudev


Cinnamon Teal by Ram Vasudev


Feasting Brown Pelican by Ram Vasudev


Dark-eyed Junco by Ram Vasudev


Western Wood-pewee by Ram Vasudev


Blue Heron Family by Ram Vasudev


Male Lesser Scaup by Ram Vasudev